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Diana M. Perez
300 Mountain View
San Antonio, TX 78244
Home Phone: (210) 333-4545
Pager: (210) 752-4422
Email: perez@passmore.edu

M.D. UT Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX,
May 2002 (expected)
B.S. The University of Texas at Austin, 1993, Cum Laude
Major: Education; Minors: Physics and Biology

Honors and Awards
Warren Hastings Academic Scholarship, 1990-1994
Frances P. Smith Award, UT-Austin, 1994

Extracurricular Activities
Hispanic Student Association, Passmore Medical School, 1998-Present
STD Lecture Series, 1999
Physics Club, UT-Austin, 1992-1994

Spanish (fluent in speaking, writing, and reading)

BCLS - expires July 2003
ACLS - expires October 2002

Research Experience
Participant, Minority Careers in Science Program, UT-Austin, Summer 1991

Community Service
Volunteer, Community Health Fair, San Fernando Cathedral, July 2000
Tutor and councilor, neighborhood children, 1987-1989

Professional Organizations
Internal Affairs, Internal Medicine Student Interest Group
Texas Academy of Family Physicians

Work Experience
All-Tex Computing, Dallas, TX, 1997-1999

Personal Interests
Jogging, Cardio Kickboxing, spending time with spouse, child, family and friends, reading, water-skiing, cooking, basketball, watching movies, computers

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Diana Perez

Throughout my life a family practitioner, Dr. Wallace, has been my role model. Following my mother throughout her pregnancy, Dr. Wallace cared for me before I was even born. Dr. Wallace always smiled at me and encouraged me to do well in school. Her office was filled with interesting drawings and photographs and shiny instruments--along with those dreaded needles! She treated my sore throats and immunized me to keep me well. She also cared for my entire family, including my grandmother who lived with us. As a child, I dreamed of becoming like Dr. Wallace, but thought that becoming a physician was beyond me.

I love teaching and science. In fact, tutoring children in my neighborhood as a high school student led me to major in education at UT-Austin. I enjoyed my physics and computer courses the most. After graduation I was hired by the Dallas Independent School District to teach high school physics and biology. I loved designing experiments that involved the students and made them think. One year I used an old school planetarium that I integrated into the science curriculum. After teaching for several years I became tired of all the paperwork and became a partner in a computer management company. Designing and developing custom business software and writing application documentation was stimulating at first and helped me earn a higher salary, but it didn't have the interactions with people that I needed. I then began to think about Dr. Wallace and how much she seemed to love her work. After talking with several doctors I decided to leave that position and return to school to complete my prerequisites. My friends couldn't understand it, but with the encouragement of my spouse and family, I applied to medical school and was accepted.

The academic and extracurricular activities at Passmore Medical School have prepared me for residency. I struggled through some of my basic science courses, but loved my first-year Introduction to Clinical Medicine Course because I enjoyed interacting with the standardized patients. I led sessions in our student-run STD series during first year and completed a FP preceptorship at an inner-city clinic after first year. I studied hard for the Step 1, and celebrated my passing score, even if it was just above passing. Shortly after taking the Step 1 I took a two-month leave for the birth of my son, Antonio. Caring for Antonio during my clerkships challenged my time-management skills, but my spouse really helped pull his share of the work. Surgery, my first rotation after returning to school was especially hard. The long hours, sleepless nights, and being unable to see Antonio as often really took a toll on me and my ability to study. I obtained a passing score on the Surgery shelf exam, but earned excellent evaluations from my residents and attendings. Internal Medicine and Family Practice were my favorite clerkships. I loved the way the Internists paid attention to details about patients and felt good when I cared for the complex patients on the Medicine wards. I especially liked working with people who were chronically ill and needed emotional support. I loved FP because I also enjoyed working with children. I also got along fabuously with their parents. I speak Spanish fluently and enjoy working with all kinds of people. Deciding on which specialty to pursue was difficult, but I finally chose FP.

My spouse Andrew, a computer programmer, works at home where he also cares for Richard, our son. We are expecting another child in March, just after Match Day. As a family we enjoy hiking and swimming. We want to live in an area that is close to mountains so we can learn to ski. Our dog Rusty is a lab with unlimited energy, so having a home with a big yard is a must.

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ERAS Worksheet

Diana Perez

Work Experience

Organization: All-Tex Computing Services, Dallas, TX
Position: Partner and computer consultant

Description: I helped found this computer consulting company with two former high school computer teachers and my spouse. I helped identify client needs and tailored software programs to meet their needs. I was the person who was responsible for hiring, promoting, and firing employees. I maintained all company records and checked with clients to insure the work was performed satisfactorily.

Reason for Leaving: Returned to college to complete pre-med courses.

Dates of Experience

From: Month: June Year: 1997
To: Month: July Year: 1999

Organization: Dallas Independent School District
Position: Physics and Biology teacher

Description: I taught science courses to high school students. I had to manage the classroom and laboratories. I was totally responsible for ordering texts and supplies, writing lesson plans, insuring student safety, presenting lessons, writing exams, and assigning grades.

Reason for Leaving: Left to start computer company

Dates of Experience

From: Month: August Year: 1994
To: Month: May Year: 1997

Volunteer Experience

Organization: Family Practice Student Association
Position: Community Health Fair, San Fernando Cathedral

Description: I staffed a booth for screening for hypertension. I explained to the people, many of whom spoke only Spanish, the reason we were taking their blood pressure and why it was so important. I also talked to the people about what they could do to improve their diets.

Dates of Experience

From: Month: July Year: 2000
To: Month: July Year: 2000

Research Experience
Organization: Minority Careers in Science Program, UT-Austin
Position: Participant

Description: As part of a program in which I learned about science careers, I gained some research experience in a biology lab. The researcher taught me the principles of the scientific method and showed me how to apply this method to conduct research studies. I was allowed to participate in some actual experiments, but no publications resulted from my contributions.

Dates of Experience

From: Month: June Year: 1990
To: Month: July Year: 1990

Was your medical education interrupted? Yes

Reason: I took a two-month leave of absence at the end of second year to give birth to my child.

Language Fluency

Spanish (fluent in conversational, writing, and reading)

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